Coop's Fantasy Football Fiasco | Week 3 NFL Action | MNF Preview

Posted on 09/25/2023

Today, Andrew Cooper discusses what he saw in yesterday's NFL action. Which fantasy football players he is worried about and which he's still bullish on.

Also, Coop looks at tonight's two Monday Night Football games.

Intro: 0:00
Arizona Cardinals: 01:00
Atlanta Falcons: 06:00
Baltimore Ravens: 07:20
Buffalo Bills: 08:20
Carolina Panthers: 11:05
Chicago Bears: 14:30
Cincinnati Bengals: 20:45
Cleveland Browns: 22:40
Dallas Cowboys: 26:00
Denver Broncos: 27:50
Miami Dolphins 31:00
Detroit Lions: 33:55
Green Bay Packers: 41:13
Houston Texans: 44:20
Indianapolis Colts: 48:35
Jacksonville Jaguars: 51:50
Kansas City Chiefs: 55:10
Las Vegas Raiders: 1:01:00
Los Angeles Chargers: 1:03:20
Minnesota Vikings: 1:08:00
New England Patriots: 1:10:25
New Orleans Saints: 1:10:30
New York Giants: 1:15:15
New York Jets: 1:16:55
Pittsburgh Steelers: 1:18:15
San Francisco 49ers: 1:20:45
Seattle Seahawks: 1:22:45
Tennessee Titans: 1:24:50
Washington Commanders: 1:25:35

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