NFL Week 4 | Problematic NFL Offenses | Chris Kuroda | Getting Buzzed | September 28 2023

Posted on 09/27/2023

Getting Buzzed is your weekly home for sports news and talk with some flare. Howard Bender runs through the big stories of the week with a twist and gives his commentary on the disaster that is the New York Jets offense, as well as the state of the Steelers’ and Bears’ offenses. His special guest today is Lighting Designer for Phish, Chris Kuroda. They’ll dive into Chris’ love for fantasy football and the New York Giants, as well as cool lighting designs for live shows. Howard’s “Final Five” is a list of the most annoying aspects of Autumn (or is it Fall?)

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Intro: 00:00
Taylor Swift - Travis Kelce Coverage: 02:00
Jets Offensive Issues All Go Back to Nathaniel Hackett: 05:55
Bears Offensive Woes Are A Result of Luke Getsy's Lack Of Adaptability: 11:00
Steelers Offensive Issues Are Understandable In Matt Canada's Case: 12:40
Chris Kuroda Interview Begins: 15:30
Chris' secret fantasy football draft weapon - his wife: 17:40
Chris managing a high volume of fantasy football teams while still having tour commitments: 19:35
How Chris became a massive New York Giants fan: 25:15
Executing the concept of a moving light rig during concerts: 30:30
Developing lighting systems for new arenas and concepts for specific teams: 34:15
Fantasy Sports Dating Game: Meadowlands Matches Edition: 40:00
If Chris Could 'Freaky Friday' With Any Giants Moment In History, what would it be?: 45:10
Howard tells an old Phil McConkey story: 48:10
Final 5 - Most Annoying Things About Fall/Autumn: 49:30

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