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Posted on 09/13/2023

Getting Buzzed is your weekly home for sports news and talk with some flare. Howard Bender runs through the big stories of the week with a twist and welcomes Scott Fish to talk NFL Week 2 fantasy football news and storylines. He’ll also hang around for a game of "Phish or Fish?" Howard’s “Final Five” is a list of things you shouldn’t eat before getting on a plane, but probably will anyway.

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Howard runs through his personal history of Jets miscues in his life: 0:04
The addition of Rodgers and drinking the Kool-Aid 0:06
Running through the timeline of worst on-field moments 0:13
Where does Rodgers' Achilles injury rank among the worst moments in franchise history 0:18
TNF Vikings-Eagles Preview 0:21
History of Scott Fish Bowl 0:23
Scott teases SFB 14 Theme 0:35
Guest Game Fish or Phish: 0:41
Final Five List - Foods you shouldn't eat before a flight, but will anyway: 0:50

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