Too Much Replay | Bad Officiating | Adam Zucker | Sports Fans | Getting Buzzed | October 26

Posted on 10/25/2023

Getting Buzzed is your weekly home for sports news and talk with some flare. Howard Bender runs through the big stories of the week with a twist and gives his commentary on the concerns of over-refereeing with increased technology and replays. CBS Sports’ Adam Zucker stops by to talk about some college football and play a game of “Who The Frolf Is That?” Howard’s “Final Five” are the worst officiating moments in sports history!

Intro: 00:00
Bad Officiating in Sunday Night Football: 05:00
Jim Irsay Calling For More Instant Replay: 06:00
Angel Hernandez Sets The Bar For Bad Officiating: 07:45
Be Careful What You Wish For About Sticking To The Rulebook: 10:00
Adam Zuker Interview Begins: 17:00
Officiating in College Football: 19:00
NFL Fans vs NCAAF Fans: 22:30
Bret Bielema Arkansas Razorbacks Story: 28:45
Adam's Phish Phandom: 32:45
Who The Frolf Is That?: 48:00
Final Five Worst Officiating Moments In Sports History: 56:00

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