NFL Week 3 | Fantasy Football News | Fantasy Football Advice | Getting Buzzed | September 21

Posted on 09/20/2023

Getting Buzzed is your weekly home for sports news and talk with some flare. Howard Bender runs through the big stories of the week with a twist and gives his commentary on fans fighting at sporting events. He’ll also welcome NFL Films Filmmaker Chris Weaver to talk about some of the visual work he does for the league, and to play a Cowboys-themed game “Dallasked”. Howard’s “Final Five” is a list of the 5 worst knee injuries in football prior to Nick Chubb’s on Monday Night Football.

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02:55: Fantasy Complaining Right Now
04:30: Fantasy Fans Need To Chill When Reaching Out Direclty To Players
07:00: It's still possible to make the fantasy playoffs at 0-2
12:55: Chris Weaver Interview Begins
21:05: The Phish & NFL Connection
31:55: Working on the Hard Knocks and Quarterback shows & upcoming projects
47:20: Howard's Commentary On People Being Stupid Fighting At Sporting Events
53:30: Final Five - Worst Knee Injuries In Football History

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