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Posted on 07/18/2023

On this week’s edition of the Sharp Angles Podcast, Tod Burros welcomes Brandon Thorn of Establish The Run to talk about the 2023 NFL Offensive Line rankings and how it affects the skill players. Find out Who made upgrades in the trenches and which quarterbacks will be running for their lives this season.

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0:03 - Brandon’s Start and his career path
0:07 - How he rates OL play?
0:11 - Run/Pass Mismatches for each week
0:15 - One-Dimensional Offensive Lines
0:18 - Falcons OL evaluation
0:20 - Ravens OL expectations in 2023
0:22 - Brandon has higher expectations for Buccaneers' OL than Sharp
0:26 - Offensive Guard Shaq Mason going to Houston is one of the best OL moves of the off-season
0:29 - 2023 Offensive Line Downgrades
0:35 - Bears OL made big upgrades on the right side and run game, still suspect in the pass
0:41 - Seahawks OL better than the price tag
0:43 - Bengals efforts to improve OL over past two seasons
0:47 - Jets OL middle of the pack, slight downgrade for Rodgers, no depth at OT
0:50 - Bills OL being in the bottom ⅓ of the league
0:54 - Giants OL expectations for 2023

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